You already know by now that Cryotherapy is great for inflammation and muscle recovery. However did you know its also a great way to treat anxiety and mental health disorders?

Countless studies have linked inflammation to depression and anxiety. when our bodies are constantly fighting to restore homeostasis, our hormones go out of whack. More importantly, constant stress damages our cells and impairs our natural healing processes.

With that in mind, therefore Cryotherapy, has great potential for treating stress disorders, including generalised anxiety, depression, and potentially PTSD and OCD. Studies have also found that cryotherapy promotes better sleep, which has been linked to better mental health. 

Cryotherapy has left many members feeling uplifted after their session as the endorphins give a boost!

After a two minute cryotherapy chamber session, when the blood vessels constrict, then re-expand soon after, our organs are flooded with oxygen. This wakes up our bodies and minds, bringing in mood-boosting endorphins.

 Cryotherapy can be a way to re-train the mind to break free of depression patterns and release some powerful neurochemicals.

We want you to try Cryotherapy for yourself at our Wimbledon studio this World Mental Health Day – sign up for our 14 Day Trial for just £1 and feel the benefits yourself.