Still not decided if you want to sign up for our Breathwork Course with Olympian Adam Burgess? Here’s a run down of what each will include.

You can still book tickets for the full 5 weeks or individual weeks via the APP or by clicking here:

Inspired Breath Academy x The F.i.t Partnership

Each session will combine guided practice with education, tools, and programming for the duration of the course. A general structure of the course will be as follows:

Session 1 – Introduction & Testing (SUNDAY 5TH NOVEMBER)

· Participants will engage in initial tests to set personal benchmarks.

· Introduce the fundamentals and importance of awareness.

Session 2 – Exploring the Mechanics (SUNDAY 12TH NOVEMBER)

· Delve into the biomechanics of breathing.

· Practical exercises to improve breathing efficiency and capacity.

Session 3 – The Chemistry of Breathing (SUNDAY 19TH NOVEMBER)

· Understand the role of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body.

· Techniques to optimise CO2 tolerance + relationship to air hunger.

Session 4 – Movement & Breath Integration (SUNDAY 26TH NOVEMBER)

· Incorporate breathing techniques into physical movement and exercise.

· Enhance athletic performance and everyday activities through breath control.

Session 5 – Cultivating the Mindset & Final Testing (SUNDAY 10TH DECEMBER)

· Focus on the mental aspects of breathing practices.

· Use breathwork to foster a positive mindset, stress resilience and productivity.

· Retest against benchmarks from week 1.