We are all bio-individual and what might spike one person’s blood glucose levels, wouldn’t really affect  another, because we have unique genetics, epigenetics, microbiome….the list goes on….so if you really want to understand yourself a blood glucose monitor is a great way to get some metrics! 

There are however some relatively widely accepted hacks that can help keep blood glucose ‘more balanced’. As we are now in the run up to Christmas, let’s focus on those which might be useful during the party season!

  1. #secondcourseoversnacks : If you are wanting to eat something sweet, have it after a meal, this will in most people reduce the blood glucose spike. So have some fibre, fats and/or protein then enjoy a sweet treat rather than a sweet snack on its own. A note on Chocolate –  in general, if you can have dark chocolate with less or no refined sugars this will be better for overall blood sugar balance. This is because dark chocolate has a lower glycemic Index than milk chocolate and higher magnesium and fibre content.
  2. #cruditesbeforecocktails : If you are drinking alcohol there are some hacks you can try to manage the impact it will have on blood glucose. If you are choosing spirits, consider the mixer – make sure it’s not high in sugar or artificial sweeteners! Think about soda or something like organic coconut water which also has a natural hydration effect from its electrolyte content. Then consider clean spirits, such a tequila, which is naturally low/no sugar or carbohydrates. Finally, making sure you’ve had some fibre before having a drink can, in many people, reduce blood sugar spikes, so enjoy the crudites before cocktails! 
  3. #dancedownthespike ;  Let’s not be scared of carbs, we can make informed choices and eat them in such a way to limit blood glucose impacts. So enjoy those roasties but again consider fibre first (so eat your greens before anything!) an easy hack, eat them with fats and proteins, but also consider doing some movement after your meal….a walk, a dance, whatever it is moving can help reduce blood glucose spikes. 

Thanks again for another great guest blog from TheFunctionalEdition

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