F.I.T Member Lucy, who many of your members will know from the studio, has this week launched a new Lymphatic Drainage business just in time for the party season – which will beneficial for our longevity community in the Wimbledon area. www.lucyaskewlymphatics.co.uk

What is the Lymphatic system

The lymphatic system comprises a network of lymph vessels, ducts, nodes, and tissues located beneath the skin, (around 700) operating as the body’s essential waste management system, albeit a somewhat unappealing analogy. Its primary function is to eliminate “waste” from the body, encompassing toxins, bacteria, and excess fluids. The lymph, essentially an accumulation of surplus fluids, flows through arteries and tissues, serving as a cleaning agent before directing these materials through the lymphatic system for disposal.

Remarkably, the lymphatic system lacks a built-in pump to propel lymph throughout the body, relying instead on our muscular actions to sustain fluid movement. Consequently, any form of manual “drainage” (yes, the rubbish disposal metaphor is quite vivid) is to facilitate the movement of lymph to lymph nodes for the elimination of toxins and bacteria. It remains a vital component of the body’s overall health.

About Lucy Askew Lymphatics

Lucy specialises in providing a comprehensive 90-minute full face and body lymphatic drainage service, a holistic approach that encompasses the entire lymphatic system. She does not offer isolated treatments for specific body areas or facial treatments alone, firmly believing that the key to achieving optimal results in detoxification and overall wellness is by addressing the entire system, from head to toe. This commitment to a holistic approach underscores Lucy’s dedication to ensuring that the lymphatic system functions at its best, helping clients experience the full spectrum of benefits that come with toxin removal and improved well-being. By offering this all-encompassing lymphatic drainage service, Lucy seeks to optimise the body’s natural detoxification processes and promote a state of enhanced vitality and health.

Find out more about Lucy and her Lymphatic Drainage Service available to FIT Members and personal referrals in the Wimbledon by clicking below. Or drop her a follow on Instagram