One of the first things we can swap is our mindset!

When looking at overall health, we need to swap our focus from counting calories to counting chemicals!

Making this change can significantly contribute to overall health and functionality of our bodies. 

So here are some of our top swaps!

  1. Sliced processed bread  SWAP  for fresh sourdough
  2. Vegetable oils (canola/rapeseed/blended oils) SWAP for avocado oil
  3. Margarine (which includes oils) SWAP for grass fed butter
  4. Milk chocolate (high in refined sugar) SWAP for dark chocolate (with no added artificial sugar) 
  5. Crisps SWAP for raw nuts or freshly made popcorn 
  6. Ready made fruit smoothie SWAP for a piece of whole fruit
  7. Ice cream or flavoured yoghurts SWAP for Greek yoghurt with Manuka honey/grated dark chocolate/berries 
  8. Biscuits/Cookies SWAP for nut butter on rice cakes

Thanks to The Functional Edition for more great tips!