Are you travelling during the holidays or maybe have the kids at home and can’t get into the studio – well there are some free bio hacks that you can use to keep yourself feeling great over this busy period!

1. Get cold – try adding a cold shower into your morning routine

2. Move – incorporate some walks, runs and/or stretching into your day…you could get family and friends involved in some festive walks!

3. Breathwork – some simple breathing to relax is a great way to unwind before bed and get a good night’s sleep.

4. Morning sunlight – try and get outside early in the day and avoid sunglasses to get the natural daylight in your eyes, this will help with your sleep/wake cycle. This is also great for jet lag when travelling. 

5. Nature – being outside is so good for us, it can reduce stress and improve our mood, so why not stack these hacks and go for a morning walk to start your day!