Please join us for an evening of drinks, nibbles and FUN with the Really Helpful Club.

All members are welcome to join us for the event – either pre-book a ticket via the link below or just drop us a quick Whatsapp message – bring a friend!

There will be wellness talks from our very own Max Berry plus this time we’ve got Lucy Pattullo speaking, who is a Pilates Reformer instructor, wellness advocate and the founder of Rebalance*Me.

Lucy will talk about life habits for longevity, incorporating diverse lessons from the Blue Zones, the link between dementia and standing on one leg, putting clothes on our carbs and why a simple exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s is still used by modern scientists as a key predictor of mortality.

After having a chance to score yourself, Lucy will share her tips on investing now for our future health and well being to increase the quality of our healthspan, as well as the quantity of our lifespan.  She will explore the key pillars of longevity: physical activity; nutrition; mental and emotional wellbeing; sleep and limited exposure to toxins.

Event Details:
Day: Thursday 18th January 2024
Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm
Price: FREE