What is Eccentric Training and what is its importance for strength?

Eccentric training, also known as negative training, focuses on the lengthening phase of a muscle contraction rather than the shortening phase. It’s a valuable technique for building strength, muscle mass, and improving muscular control.

Eccentric contractions occur when the muscle lengthens while under tension. For example, when you’re lowering a weight during a bicep curl, the eccentric phase occurs as you extend your arm, lowering the weight back down.

At FIT our members who are part of our Strength training programme, experience safe and efficient eccentric training with the Balkan Strength Machine.

Eccentric training is crucial in a strength training programme because it:

  1. Stimulates muscle growth (hypertrophy) more effectively.
  2. Enhances strength gains by allowing heavier loads.
  3. Helps prevent injuries and aids in rehabilitation.
  4. Improves muscle control and coordination.
  5. Enhances athletic performance in sports.
  6. Increases metabolic response, aiding in fat loss.
  7. Builds functional strength for daily activities.

In essence, eccentric training offers a range of benefits, from muscle growth to injury prevention and improved performance, making it an essential component of any workout routine.

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