Today is World Tennis Day, so lets talk about the benefits of regular cryotherapy for tennis players, whether you play for fun or competitively.

You don’t have to be an elite-level athlete to access the best recovery tools. The FIT Partnership’s is a space where everyone has access, no matter the level played.

Cryotherapy can:

  • reduce inflammation in any painful and inflamed area
  • reduce the risk of any long-term injuries
  • increase sports performance

Incorporating cryotherapy into your everyday life can help to prevent injuries like tennis and golf elbow by maintaining a low-inflammatory environment throughout the body. Cryotherapy has been shown to accelerate healing so micro-tears, strains and exertion will not lead to serious injuries.

Some of the greatest tennis players of all time, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, use whole body cryotherapy to have a recovery advantage over their competitors, in 2022 we had Stan Wawrinka in for a session and we look forward to welcoming in the pros again this Wimbledon fortnight!

Cryotherapy is helping to change the speed at which a tennis player can be prepared for another match. Both players actively use cryotherapy after their matches, for quicker recovery time and to relieve injury pain in order to be a better player and compete against each other.

Mathilde Poignard, a PhD student in physiology and sports science said “many top players have been using the chambers during the tournament. Nadal is a regular, including a session after his straight-sets semi-final win against Roger Federer”.

But with all that said,  you don’t need to be a professional tennis player to visit our facilities. Cryotherapy is made accessible to all – and the benefits are huge!

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