About The F.I.T Partnership

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How we can offer optimal health & longevity for all 

If you’re over 30, your body starts to decline in both strength, muscle and hormones each and every year, with a steeper decline after 60. This does not have to be the case, as is shown in many people that have decided to walk another route.

YOU dictate your health and wellbeing, and now new technologies are available to help keep the body in an optimal state.

You don’t ride a horse to work, so why use old-fashioned exercise routines that are causing the body more stress and are furthering your decline as they cannot usually be maintained long-term?


We have a solution

...and no it does not all involve using our studio 'and your health will be forever amazing'. At The FIT Partnership we use new technologies such as Vasper and Cryotherapy, along with tips tricks and an occasional body scan to make sure you are in an optimal state. Our clients are seeing improved fitness levels, reduced body fat, increased muscle mass and bone density, and much higher quality sleep.


Your time is valuable, so all our machines allow for more benefit in a reduced time, with less impact on the body and allow you to feel amazing and full of energy after your sessions. Too good to be true? Maybe you need to come and experience it for yourself, we Guarantee you will love it as so many of our clients do.


A proper plan for your health can be a solution to longevity and ageing. How do you see yourself in 1, 5, 10, 20 years time? What sort of condition do you want to be in? Maybe it is time to take control of your own health.


Your time is valuable but conventional wisdom says you need to exercise several hours a week to see results.


Whether you love or hate exercise—our evidence-based approach will help you achieve your health and fitness goals in a fraction of the time you may spend on more conventional exercise.


We do not promise to have the whole solution in our studio, but can work with you in and out of the studio to find exactly what works for YOU.