Our Story

We are a Wimbledon based company. The F.I.T Partnership was established in 2020 when Founder Max Berry, who retired from Rugby at the age of 25 due to having over 15 concussions. These health issues encouraged Max into researching injuries along other issues prevalent in the fitness industry. The question is, why in 2020 are we still using old and inefficient methods of working out and 'staying healthy'?, Innovative technologies are being created, but very few are investing in creating new ways for someone to stay healthy for longer, thus improving which in form enables one to have better quality of life.

This is where the FIT Partnership stepped in. Using specific technologies such as Cryotherapy, Vasper and many more. Not only are we are able reduce the exercising time, recovering and keeping the body strong, but we also provide a long term solution to health and wellbeing that cannot be offered with many other training methods. The inclusivity these machines can bring is amazing, allowing us to provide solutions to all.

We want people to see health as an investment, where you combine training, nutrition and recovery in equal proportion so that every aspect of your life outside of health can improve. Start investing in yourself and your health before anything else!