Infrared Sauna

Wimbledon's FIRST and ONLY infrared sauna, providing one of the best recovery modalities to Wimbledon and the surrounding areas.

Why use a sauna?

Not only has regular sauna use been linked to a decrease in all-cause mortality, it can improve:​

  • athletic performance;

  • cardiovascular health;

  • detoxification;

  • immunity;

  • joint health;

  • mental health;

  • neurological health;

  • skin health; and

  • sleep quality.

In addition to these great benefits, sauna use can also promote weight loss and mitigate the effects of ageing!


Sauna Science & Studies

Sauna use has been well-studied, demonstrating its benefits for lowering blood pressure; improving cardiovascular function; providing relief for those with asthma and chronic bronchitis; alleviating pain; improving joint mobility; and benefitting patients with psoriasis. 

It can function as an exercise-mimetic: so that some of the benefits of exercise are available while you relax! As with exercise, the short term stress on your body has beneficial effects and can enhance your resilience. 


The Infrared Difference

Traditional saunas heat the air, and being exposed to the hot air then causes your body to heat up. However, the infrared rays emitted by our sauna penetrate more deeply into your body, heating you up from the inside out. 

The deeper heat penetration from the infrared rays leads to even greater improvements in joint health and detoxification. The lower air temperature also means that infrared saunas are better tolerated than their traditional alternatives. 

Reviews & Results


​Cannot thank Max and the team enough for making me feel so comfortable for my first ever Cryotherapy session. Very impressed with the kit and the measures put in place to adhere to government social distancing guidelines.


Amazing experience to visit this cryotherapy chamber at -111degrees c. Max was really helpful, explaining what to expect and even giving us a choice of music!
Felt terrific afterwards.

Helen Clark Bell

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-26 at 10.55.57 (1).jpeg

I am now a few sessions in with Max (the owner) and feeling great! My knee and back pain has reduced considerably so finally getting back to my old self! With a mix of Cryotherapy and the vesper I feel better, healthier and also sleeping better!

George Berry