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Vasper Workout

A Revolutionary 2hr workout in 21 minutes.

Vasper is based on three scientifically proven principles – compression technology, cooling and interval training. When all principles are working together, the results are incredible!

Compression and cooling create the effect of a high intensity (anaerobic) exercise without the time, effort, and muscle damage it takes to achieve the same results with conventional exercise. Instead of feeling tired and sore, Vasper leaves you energized and rejuvenated, alleviating your body aches and pains. 


Who is Vasper For

Vasper is used to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and optimise hormone levels which reduce every year from around the age of 30.


So - Vasper generally is for anyone over the age of 30/40 who is struggling to achieve their health goals, and needs a change. In 21 minutes the Vasper triggers a response in the brain to release over 2 hours worth of exercise hormones.


Vasper is non-weight bearing, so does not impact the joints, causes little to no sweating due to being cooled at the same time, and leaves you feeling energised and rejuvenated rather than feeling sore and struggling for days.

The Vasper machine is amazing because it can be used by everyone, from professional athlete to someone that has not exercised in years, and everyone between. This is because the programmes can be customised to match fitness levels, meaning there is no reason why someone should not be able to Vasper, and see the amazing results our clients are currently seeing! We are so confident in the Vasper, we guarantee results or your money back.

Click below to learn more about studies on Vasper. 

Tony Robbins on Vasper

 "Vasper is my force multiplier tool to achieve optimum fitness, sleep, and vitality without overtraining. I get the benefit of 2 hours of intense exercise in just 21 minutes of low impact workout. The core cooling aspect of Vasper enables me to fully recover in 10 minutes while delivering more oxygen to my body and brain. I love my Vasper, and it’s now a regular part of my priming routine for success. "

- Tony Robbins

The Wimbledon Vasper Workout Studio

Reviews & Results

ty using the vasper machine image.jpg

The Vasper experience is highly recommended whether you are a professional athlete looking to gain an edge or whether you haven't exercised in years and are looking to improve your mobility and feel better. Max is very professional but also makes the sessions fun.

Jonty Scott


Lovely to exercise without feeling hot and flustered. My fitness levels have improved which is important for someone with back problems. This form of non weight bearing form of exercise is the best for injuries.

Bury Court


A morning of Vasper (HIIT) followed by Cryotherapy is a truly fantastic start to the day. It's impossible to explain to anyone who hasn't done Vasper (google it) how effective it is - and Max makes the whole exercise immense fun. If you're within 100 miles of this place, try it: it'll be worth the drive.

James Higgins