Corporate Wellness

Wimbledon's FIRST and ONLY cryotherapy and longevity studio, providing one of the best wellness tools to Wimbledon and the surrounding areas.

Corporate Wellness

Mental and physical wellbeing for the workplace

Corporate wellbeing is an important part of every business. Studies have shown a significant increase in revenue when a company provides the means for improving an employees physical AND mental wellbeing. 

In their seminal paper, Fabuius, R., Thayer, RD, Konicki, D. (2013) connected the link between workforce health and safety and the health of the bottom line, by tracking companies' market performance.


The hypothesis that comprehensive efforts to reduce a workforce's health and safety risks can be associated with a company's stock performance was confirmed. The stock market performance of Corporate Health Achievement Award (CHAA) winners were tracked under four different scenarios using simulation and past market performance. The portfolio of companies recognised as award-winning for their approach to the health and safety of their workforce outperformed the market.


This evidence supports the belief that building a culture of health and safety provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Physical and mental wellbeing should be a much bigger focus for companies, and it is now their duty to make sure employees are healthy and not sedentary, as it will affect their ability to be at peak performance - both at work and home.

The FIT Partnership is NOT a gym.


We provide new and innovative health technologies that provide more benefit in a shorter period of time. We maximise the health benefits, such as reduced pain, reduced body fat, increased muscle mass and significantly improved sleep and energy levels through our Cryotherapy and Vasper technologies.


Other benefits:

  1. Non-weight bearing

  2. Time-efficient

  3. Little to no sweating

  4. Makes you feel amazing/focused/energised

  5. Proven to reduce stress and cortisol levels

  6. Done in as little as 3 minutes for the cryotherapy and 21 minutes for the Vasper

Our goal

Our goal is to make the thousands of businesses in Wimbledon fitter and healthier than ever, with a method that all ages, abilities can do, and in less time than it takes to have a cup of coffee.

If you are part of, or run a business that you believe would benefit, get in touch and we can look into a personalised solution specifically for your team.

Reviews & Results


Terrific to now get cutting edge Bio Hacking outside central London. Brilliant! Max, the founder, is a great coach and mentor too ...having been a high level sportsman himself he understands the benefits and the benefit of an edge. It's fast, efficient and effective.

Bob R

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Vasper at The Fit Partnership offers a compact yet effective workout that has great benefits. Friendly, covid secure atmosphere - can’t recommend it enough.

Kat K

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Both the Cryotherapy and the Vasper are amazing. I cannot believe how much more energised and positive I feel. Max is very encouraging and reassuring, particularly with the Cryotherapy (which I initially found a bit scary). Very COVID safe.

Caroline Wort