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Element of Success

Element of Success

Element of Success

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A specific value you deliver to your customers

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A specific value you deliver to your customers

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A specific value you deliver to your customers

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Reviews & Results

  • The F.I.T Partnership is just brilliant… 20 mins on the Vasper allows me to gain the benefit of what used to take over an hour, but with no tired muscles…. a couple of minutes in the Cryotherapy chamber significantly helped to improve both my back & shoulder injuries – I always leave, feeling much more energetic.


    Dave P
  • Thank you for a great experience! Amazing place and super professional.
    How lucky we have this opportunity in Wimbledon.
    Will definitely come back.




    Annette Y
  • After the first cryo session my brain was cleared of that constant fog and I felt good. Really good. Now I am training 3 times a week (cryo and vasper) and I am pain-free, happy, no brain fog, mental health is peaking, I am losing weight and my body shape is slowly changing. 


    Eva S
  • Cannot thank Max and the team enough for making me feel so comfortable for my first ever Cryotherapy session. Very impressed with the kit and the measures put in place to adhere to government social distancing guidelines.



    Sharan V
  • Amazing experience to visit this cryotherapy chamber at -111degrees c.

    Max was really helpful, explaining what to expect and even giving us a choice of music!
    Felt terrific afterwards




    Helen B
  • I am now a few sessions in with Max (the owner) and feeling great! My knee and back pain has reduced considerably so finally getting back to my old self! With a mix of Cryotherapy and the vesper I feel better, healthier and also sleeping better!



    George B
  • The Vasper experience is highly recommended whether you are a professional athlete looking to gain an edge or whether you haven’t exercised in years and are looking to improve your mobility and feel better. Max is very professional but also makes the sessions fun.


    Jonty S
  • Lovely to exercise without feeling hot and flustered.
    My fitness levels have improved which is important for someone with back problems. This form of non weight bearing form of exercise is the best for injuries.



    Bury C
  • A morning of Vasper (HIIT) followed by Cryotherapy is a truly fantastic start to the day. It’s impossible to explain to anyone who hasn’t done Vasper (google it) how effective it is – and Max makes the whole exercise immense fun. If you’re within 100 miles of this place, try it: it’ll be worth the drive.
    James H
We have the largest cryochamber in London
The Vasper
The coolest 21 minute work out
Infrared Sauna
The benefits of a sauna without the sweat and dehydration
An AI powered REHIT work out in less than 10 minutes
Red Light Therapy
With 4 medical grade red light panels its 10x stronger than most home devices

How are we different?

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Lead-Generating PDF Title

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Achieve your health and fitness goals in a fraction of the time you spend on more conventional exercise.

At The F.I.T Partnership we use cutting edge technologies such as Vasper, Infrared Sauna, Maximal Strength Machine and Cryotherapy, along with tips tricks and an occasional body scan to make sure you are in an optimal state. Our clients report improved fitness levels, reduced body fat, increased muscle mass and bone density, and much higher quality sleep.

Wimbledon Wellness & Longevity Studio

Located in the heart of Wimbledon, our state-of-the-art longevity & wellness studio provides the latest equipment and revolutionary technology. We focus specifically on clients who are struggling with conventional exercise, and want to get healthier and reduce the affect of ageing, athletes for recovery and performance and also anyone wanting to have an efficient and multifaceted workout.

Reducing the effects of ageing can be done, but current ways of exercising are letting us down and therefore we see an increasingly ageing population with many health problems, that could have been prevented.

Come and see why we are different. Optimise your health for life in a shorter period of time, feel better and keep the body pain free and healthy.

Too good to be true? Book a session and see for yourself.