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07311 398336 Open 7 days a week

Dan Ogden


Meet Dan Ogden

Originally from Somerset where I was a PT for 7 Years. I moved to Wimbledon October 23.  Alongside working at FIT I am an online coach specialising in helping people increase their mobility, move pain free and become strong and healthier.

Hobbies include strength training 3 x a week with the odd run chucked in, alongside exploring SW London for the best coffee ☕ and croissant 🥐 spots.

Qualifications :

Level 3 Personal Trainer, Sports massage practitioner, Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist

Dan's Top 5 Fitness Tips

  • 1. Move for at least 30 Minutes daily (Anything that gets a sweat on!)
  • 2. Your sleep underpins your success within your health and fitness journey, so make sure you prioritise it! (7 Hours minimum)
  • 3. Look to include some form of strength training at least 2 x a week to optimise your health & longevity
  • 4. Keep your heart strong and healthy by including some form of cardio into your training each week (anything that you enjoy!)
  • 5. Stay consistent! Results don’t happen overnight, look for small sustainable changes over a long period of time for optimal results.

Meet the team

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Dan Ogden

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