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Feeling the effects of ageing can be daunting. As your body changes, so do your health needs.

Imagine feeling stronger and more agile with each passing year. We see a world where age related conditions are not inevitabilities but are challenges to be overcome through health and well-being solutions driven by innovation.

Our personalised health blueprints use advanced technologies like Cryotherapy, Infrared sauna, Balkan strength and Red light therapy to optimise your health and longevity so you can enjoy not just more years, but better quality years.


We are on a mission to reduce or eliminate symptoms that prevent us from ageing well and leading a full and active life. Whether it’s a loss of energy, reduced strength or a desire to ease or prevent chronic illnesses, the right support system is crucial to your well-being. We guide you on your wellness journey so you don’t have to resort to extreme measures or traditional high impact fitness routines.


We know you want to embrace a lifestyle where ageing doesn’t mean slowing down. We take an holistic approach to your health because we know you want more. We provide the tools, knowledge and support to design your personal blueprint for optimal health and longevity. Our customers tell us they feel energised, are fitter and stronger, in less pain and sleep better than they have done in years.


  • Embrace innovative healing
  • Rejuvenate from within
  • Strengthen your body
  • Boost cardiovascular health
  • Prevent chronic conditions
  • Join a community dedicated to thriving at any age

Our Services

At The FIT Partnership we are committed to exploring how the latest ​technologies are able to support our clients on their longevity journey. Whether you’re challenged by conventional workouts or seeking performance enhancement and recovery, our state-of-the-art studios in Wimbledon and Esher focus on overall well-being and efficient, pain-free results.

Embrace a new standard in wellness and feel the transformation.

Blood Panel Test

Blood panel test

Regular testing tracks health trends and enables proactive healthcare decisions and peace of mind through early detection of health issues, chronic conditions, organ function and nutritional deficiencies.

Carol bike

Get fit fast with short, smart and scientific workouts. AI Personalised 5-15 minute workouts that deliver benefits of high intensity training in 90% less time than regular cardio.


Pilates and Yoga - the perfect blend of strength, flexibility and mindfulness designed for all levels.

Cognitive test and habits review

Identifies cognitive strengths and weaknesses while evaluating and establishing healthy habits to enhance overall health, fitness, and well-being.


Whole body cryotherapy chambers reduce pain and inflammation, enhance circulation, boost the immune system and metabolism, improve mood and energy, and promote skin health.


Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) activates more muscle fibres than traditional training, providing the benefits of a 90-minute workout in just 20 minutes.

Epigenetic DNA test

Epigenetic DNA testing provides personalised health insights, identifies preventative healthcare, optimises nutrition and fitness plans, understands genetic influences and enhances overall well-being.

Epigenetic test (every 6 months)

Regular testing provides updated health insights, monitors lifestyle impacts, refines personalised health and wellness plans and proactively manages potential health risks.

Hyperbaric chamber therapy

Hyperbaric chambers use pressurised oxygen to enhance healing, improve oxygen delivery, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, support cognitive function, enhance athletic performance, and relieve pain.

Ice bath

Immersing the body in cold water is typically post exercise sessions to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation, speed up recovery, improve circulation, enhance mental toughness, provide pain relief and boost the immune system.

Metabolic test, VO2, cardio test and doctor review

Combining metabolic testing with VO2 max and cardio testing provides a holistic view of your health, enabling personalised fitness plans, optimal training zones, precise calorie needs and enhanced overall performance and well-being.

Microbiome test

Our microbiome testing service, reviewed by expert nutritionists, provides personalised nutrition plans and targeted interventions to improve digestion, immune function, weight management, mental health, and overall well-being


Each member has personalised nutrition advice and a plan to sure you get the right nutrients to manage your health effectively.

Recovery compression therapy

Compression therapy improves circulation, reduces swelling, speeds up muscle recovery, relieves pain, enhances athletic performance, prevents DVT and increases flexibility and mobility.

Red Light therapy

Red light therapy booths emit red and near-infrared light, enhancing cellular function, boosting collagen production, improving skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles, speeding up wound healing, reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and alleviating pain.

Social Hub Cafe

Serving a variety of light bites, delicious smoothies and protein shakes, along with freshly brewed coffee and a selection of fine teas. Our lounge offers a cosy and inviting atmosphere to relax in.

Training/Rehabilitation Pool

Our indoor swim spa offers a versatile, low-impact full-body workout, improving cardiovascular health, endurance and weight management while being gentle on joints and supporting injury rehabilitation.


Vasper delivers a 2-hour workout in just 21 minutes, boosting hormones, enhancing recovery, reducing inflammation, and improving cognitive health, sleep quality, focus, and energy levels, all with a low-impact design.

Weights room

Using free weights enhances muscle strength, balance, stability, bone density, core strength, and overall health, providing versatile and functional fitness benefits for all levels.


Picture yourself a year from now, having taken the step to invest in your health with The FIT Partnership. The changes you’ll see and feel will not just be transformative; they’ll be a testament to your decision to prioritise your well-being.

You can stop being reactive to the physical challenges you’re experiencing and instead feel confident about your future knowing you’ve taken control of your health.

You’ll sleep better than you have done in years and before you know it, you’ll be planning your next adventure. Let’s embark on this journey to redefine your longevity and wellness together.

It’s always the right time to revolutionise your health and lifestyle.

Your future self will thank you.




Consultation to understand your current health and your wellness goals.


We work closely with you to develop a 12 month programme completely customised to improving your health and longevity.


It won’t be long before you notice marked improvements in your fitness, strength and overall well-being.


“The difference in how I feel is night and day. FIT has truly transformed my life. Cryotherapy has been life changing in managing my back pain. My sessions here are my top priority.”
“The combination of the technology and the support from the team at The FIT Partnership has transformed my body and my overall approach to my health.”
“Since joining, I’ve seen an incredible difference in my energy levels.”
“I can’t believe how well I sleep since starting my programme.”
“The infrared sauna sessions are wonderfully rejuvenating – I walk out with a new lease on life.”
“I really appreciate the focus on holistic health, not just quick fixes.”


With The FIT Partnership, Your transformation begins here:

  • Enjoy a vibrant, active lifestyle
  • Prevent age-related health issues effectively
  • Utilise the latest in health technology tailored to your needs
  • Reduce the risk of chronic illness with proactive wellness strategies
  • Gain personal insights from leading health experts
  • Join a community dedicated to thriving at any age

See how a personalised health blueprint can redefine your wellness journey.

Take the first step towards a life redefined by wellness and longevity.


Founded in 2019 by Max Berry, The FIT Partnership is a state-of-the-art wellness and longevity studio that redefines fitness.

We address the shortcomings of traditional exercise with cutting-edge technology and holistic health practices tailored to your individual needs: from those challenged by conventional workouts to athletes seeking performance enhancement and recovery.

Our studios, based in Wimbledon and Esher, cater to a diverse clientele and we focus on overall well-being and reducing the effects of ageing, ensuring efficient and pain-free results.

Embrace a new standard in wellness with us and feel the transformation.

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Don’t let ageing hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards a healthier, more active life today.

Age well. Live better.

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