2-3 minutes in -110 degrees celsius, with amazing physical and mental benefits!

The Science:

During whole-body cryotherapy, your body is subjected to extreme cold (less than -150°F). This intense chill induces a number of health-promoting physiological changes in the body. Initially, the blood vessels constrict, moving blood away from the limbs and toward the vital organs. This natural, protective response to the extreme cold triggers several systems of healing within the body: the immune system boosts white blood cell count, the circulatory system ramps up productivity, and the endocrine system jumps into action with a hormonal response that includes the release of endorphins--the ”feel good” chemical--and norepinephrine into the bloodstream. Blood sample studies after cryotherapy have shown a reduction in cortisol and an increase in testosterone and DHEA. It also promotes a significant decrease in inflammation. Cryotherapy is also excellent for pain, body composition, immune health, recovery, energy, and increases Deep and REM sleep.


  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Recovery from Injuries and DOMS

  • Pain Relief

  • Immune Health

  • Energy Booster

  • Reduced Cortisol Levels

  • Increased Serotonin

  • REM and Deep Sleep Improved

  • Increased metabolism levels

  • Arthritis

There are many other benefits, these are to list just a few!

Cryotherapy Session