World Wellbeing Week is an annual event dedicated to promoting the overall well-being of individuals and communities worldwide. The week aims to raise awareness about the importance of well-being and encourage people to take actions that contribute to their physical, mental, and emotional health. It also aims to open discussions and sharing of knowledge and experiences related to well-being, emphasising the significance of maintaining a balanced and healthy life, not just for individuals but also for communities and the environment.

#WorldWellbeingWeek encourages people to participate by engaging in activities and initiatives during this week to help foster a culture of well-being and inspire others to prioritise their own health and happiness. It is a great reminder that well-being encompasses multiple elements, including physical, mental, emotional, social, and environmental aspects.

So this week, take the time to think about how you can make positive changes not only in you own life to support your physical and emotional well-being but also how you inspire change in your communities.

The ethos of The F.I.T Partnership is to promote a lifestyle of health, longevity and sense of community, bringing members together to share ideas, experiences and embrace not only the cutting edge technology we have on offer but also appreciate the basics of getting outdoors in nature, nourishing our bodies with whole foods and enjoying all the fun of life with social events.

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