Let’s start 2024 how we mean to go on, living for longevity, health optimisation and happiness!

Our top nutrition tips for this year are;

  1. STOP EATING 3-4 HOURS BEFORE BED: This will help you get a great sleep!
  2. PRIORITISE FIBRE & PROTEIN: You will be satisfied and supporting good gut health.
  3. FOCUS ON WHOLE FOODS: Counting chemicals and not calories is a more sustainable way to eat and reduces whole body inflammation.
  4. MOVEMENT AFTER EATING: This is a great hack for maintaining stable blood glucose levels, and in turn overall health and improved mood.
  5. SUPPORT YOUR GUT HEALTH: Everything starts in the gut – our physical and mental wellbeing – so support and nourish it! Include fermented foods, pre and probiotics, and fibre in your diet. Reduce ultra-processed foods, move your body and stay hydrated, these all contribute to a healthy gut!